2017 Yoga Wear Melourne

Product Details

The soft fabric with the pink long sleeve jacket

The fabric with the soft and light fabric,comfortable and more breathable,while adding flexilbility,clothing is not easy to deform,both are comfortable and useful.

The elastic fabric with long sleeve yoga suit

The movement stretch freely,the elastic force is strong,and the rebound is not deformed,the sweat does not stick to the body,and more close to the skin makes you feel soft and comfortable.

What a good yoga suit be

The comfortable fashion yoga suit looks like this with the advantage of the advanced fabric,seiko spy and the 3D dimension cutting.

The featuer of the pink long sleeve yoga suit

The upright neckline of the zipper ,fahsionable atmosphere,can adjust the width of neckline freely,let wear more comfortable close fitting.

The 3D stereo cutting,smooth ling,concise atmosphere,comfortable fit,creat perfect line.

The sleeve finger cuff,convenient movement,the cuff will not run freely, the cut of the atmosphere,let the movement of you,more add handsome.

The colorways of the long sleeve and finger cuff

There are three colorways of the long sleeve yoga suit and with the special finger cuff.

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