2017 Island Boheme Swimwear

Product Details

The green+black color bikini

The green sexy bikini

The composition of fabric is 82%Nylon 18%Spandex ,240g/m2;This fabric is soft and that's easy to wipe clean or machine-wash.Cut this nylon fabric into unique shapes and enhance it with fabric paints,glitter and craft embellishment to make charming banners,flags,signs and more for you outdoor space.

The green front chalaza bikini

The front chalaza design

You can choose from an array of bright colors that are available to make fashionable bikinis and swimwear and more.The utility nylon fabric is sold by the yard.

The green color back design

2017 island boheme swimwear

One piece covers the breasts,the other the groin and buttocks,leaving and uncovered area between the two.Bikinis are available in stylistic variations.

The orange+black bikini

The orange color bikini

It's a bikini with a stringed halter in the middle of the breasts.Swimsuits can be skin-tight or loose-fitting.They are often lined with another layer of fabric if the outer fabric become tansparent when wet.

The sexy designed bikini

The lemon color bikini

Swimsuits range from designs that almost completely cover the body to designs that expose almost all of the body.