Why Are Cycling Jerseys So Expensive?

- Jan 17, 2018-

why are cycling jerseys so expensive

As many of the internent friend think the cycling jersey cost to much ,

let's do an survey about it :

1:I understand why shorts are expensive; they have padding and are manufactured to be extra durable. But, I can't figure out why jerseys cost so much? Aren't they basically polyester? I recently saw a lightweight wool jersey somewhere on the internet for about $25. Would wool provide similar "wick - moisture" removing properties as a polyester jersey. After all, serious campers always use wool socks to keep their feet dry (not polyester).

2:economics 101, you sell your products for the highest amount your customer will bare. If people decided to stop buying them on mass, the price will be dropped by retailers. The price of stuff often has nothing to do with the cost to manufacture, things like value systems, fads etc. play a part.

3:I found two basic Gore jerseys for around $25 a piece that I have worn to death. They are still in fairly good condition and aren't stinking......yet. But my two favorite jerseys are merino wool. One is 150 weight and the other is 260. They have thousands of miles on them and are like new. I got them on clearance but still paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $75 each. Expensive? Relatively. Considering their comfort and longevity they were pretty inexpensive. The good part about them is they are not covered in logos (a la NASCAR motif).

4:Because the manufacturers know that if they advertise it with enough mumbo jumbo scientific words that us stupid fish would be attracted to it and take the bait. In reality all those expensive jerseys are is 100% polyester which you can buy for $15 at Target, Walmart etc, except those don't have the rear pocket which I could care less about but some might, so if the pocket is needed wait till Black Friday and buy some on sale at leading bike online store for around $15 each.

I use to live in the Mojave Desert area of Southern California and rode my bike in 100 degree plus weather, I actually found the cheap Walmart jerseys to be cooler because the didn't fit skin tight and the air was allowed to billow slightly inside the jersey and kept me cooler than my $120 (on sale for $65) jersey. Once I found that out I never bought another expensive jersey except for touring then I have some wool ones for that purpose because they don't stink after an hour of riding. 

But then I found out something even more shocking, a cheap football jersey was even cooler! A football jersey is made of 100% polyester but it has holes all over it allowing the air to flow massively through it.

You have to be careful with this hobby because manufactures are bidding for your cash, this is why we spend $50 for a tire, yet if car tires were made using that same financial logic they would cost us around $2,500 each! Does a bike tire have more technology in it than a car tire? NO, in fact it has far less technology in it. A $15,000 KTM racing motorcycle would cost $1,500,000 if it followed the same logic as bikes do. Why did I bring up the motorcycle? because they actually have bicycles that cost that much, and is the manufactures of those expensive bikes telling us that there is more technology in their bicycle then there is in a KTM motorcycle? again NO, but the biking industry is making fools of us, and fool and his money is soon parted. The reason prices in the cycling industry have skyrocketed in recent years is because cycling is the new corporate meeting room like golf use to be, and remember how much golf equipment use to cost?

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