What Are The Fabrics For Cycling? The Benefits Of Bird Eye Fabric

- Oct 06, 2017-

What are the fabrics for cycling?

By understanding, we all know!The main composition of cycling clothes is fabric. The fabric is divided into many styles and different functions!But the first thing we need to know is that no matter how treacherous the fabric is, it's made of polyester, nylon and lycra!It's just different in quality and style!Today we are going to recognize a fabric that is popular for cycling clothing;骑行33.jpg

Bird eye cloth is a knitted fabric, also known as weft knitting fabric!

Don't call it a beehive. This type of fabric can be made with 100 percent polyester or 100 percent cotton.But usually most of the time it's made of dacron bird eye cloth;

After adding 100 % polyester textile, it can be widely used in sportswear and casual clothing.In particular, the wiggi riding suit has a good breathable effect after it has been added to the spring bird's eye cloth!Why? If polyester is added to polyurethane in textile, it will become a bird eye cloth with elastic force, which is also the most commonly used for cycling clothes!If you use bird-eye cloth, you will have a strong ability to sweat and sweat;