The Volume Of Knitting Is Increasing, And The Operation Quality Is Obviously Improved

- Nov 09, 2017-

 Since the eighteenth congress, China's knitting industry volume increasing, industrial enterprises above designated size profitability improved significantly, knitting industry's overall growth has slowed Enterprises to actively adapt to market demand, developing marketable knitting products, and promote enterprise forward strides forward transformation and upgrading;

The industry continues to grow steadily

Knitting industry in our country since the eighteenth big development steadily, and marked achievements were scored in the transformation and upgrading of industrial enterprises above designated size profit growth for five consecutive years According to the national bureau of statistics data show that in 2016, our country knitting enterprises above designated size number is 5754, the main business income is 754.515 billion yuan, compared with 2013 growth of 18.2% profit is 42.604 billion yuan, up 16.25% from 2013, knitting fabric implementation main business income is 328.704 billion yuan, increased by 7.6% in 2013.The company realized profit of 19.401 billion yuan, which increased by 3.5 percentage points of knitting clothing to 425.811 billion yuan in 2013, up 28 percentage points from 2013.The profit was 23.203 billion yuan, up 30 percentage points from 2013;

In recent 5 years, new knitting industry enterprises above designated size actual completed investment starts the number increase obviously, most of the year the year-on-year growth rate higher than the average level in the textile industry, industry investment high heat, provides power for industry transformation and upgrading Especially in 2013, as the nascent economic recovery, China knitting industry will present the double-digit growth According to customs data statistics, in 2013 and 2014, China's knitting industry export amount is $109.698 billion and $106.144 billion respectively, accounting for more than one-third of the Chinese textile clothing export Knitting industry in China's exports hit the billions of dollars mark for two consecutive years, the export market presents the pattern of diversification In addition to the eu the United States Japan still knitting products are mainly exported to markets outside of our country, the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) of central Asia and other countries and regions have become the important market of our country's export knitting industry;

New drivers accelerate the transformation of the industry;

Keep growing in recent years, China's knitting industry, export investment spending troika promote each other, especially as an important product of knitwear clothing consumption, played an important role in meet the residents' basic needs;

In 2015, the state council put forward 2025, made in China for the next 10 years in our country manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading of provides guidance, such as intelligent manufacturing Internet + as the core of intelligent manufacturing technology and a new generation of information technology transformation and upgrading of industry provides guidance and direction for the future During much starker choices-and graver consequences-in, knitting industry in order to continue steady development Product structure to optimize brand construction progress We will continue to improve the talent team construction Green development reached a new level of development of a batch of modern industrial cluster as the target To adhere to the market-oriented Insist on innovation drive Adhere to the open for the principle of cooperation, give full play to market allocation of resources the decisive role, take the initiative to adapt to and lead the new normal economic development, speed up structural adjustment and industrial upgrading;

n under the guidance of the strategy, with the doctrine of the knitting industry in China by increasing varieties expand the market space quality to enhance consumer confidence Gen brand market recognition, etc., product of gear upgrades,, enhance the competitive advantage of knit the whole industry chain in China As the mainstream clothing brand enterprise growing knitting product design and development strength, knitting products cover category is more extensive, leisurewear outdoor sportswear yoga under much category end continuously development of knitted products, such as selection of products to provide terminal consumption more diverse, meet the demand of different USES of wearing

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