The Technique To Choose The Best Yoga Fabric For You

- Oct 24, 2017-

The technique to choose the best yoga fabric for you

  1. Yoga garment features is the key  point to choose and buy, that there are many kinds of fabrics industry, is suitable for the fabrics of yoga have viscose + spandex (spandex) polyester  + spandex spandex nylon + spandex cotton + spandex rib, the characteristics of each fabric is different You can see all fabric with spandex, the price of that add spandex and without spandex is also different Spandex composition is more expensive, comfort is not the same;

  2. The advantages and disadvantages of specific fabrics are addressed;

  3. 1 viscose + spandex (spandex) very comfortable, stick a skin feeling very good, absorb sweat, sweat, environmental protection, such price levels Suitable for coat, trousers for a standard, is not suitable for women have belly fat;

  4. Polyester + spandex comfortable,:

  5. stick a skin feeling good, absorb sweat, sweat, environmental protection, the price level according to whether there is a difference in moisture absorption perspiration function, you must open your eyes to pick the goods A lot of brands will take milk silk, quick-drying commodities such as cotton to polyester + spandex, called analysis, please clear, feel is different Real polyester is to wear loose, comfortable, instant is closest to also won't feel tight, suit jacket, pants, according to the design of style suits the crowd is more, more appropriate middle-aged women wear loose design, if it is loose style household, can choose yoga

  6. Is the most expensive, nylon + spandex should generally do high-grade swimsuit, workout clothes with many, foreign leisure sports, leisure wears outside, to use the fabric is a big trend, so the fabric pricing is also quite high style characteristic: cultivate one's morality, crisp effect is strong, so do more tight clothing Relative comfort as the first two, but different results, people need is different also, even if is the comparison of the middle-aged women abdominal fat is also can hide or show thin;

  7. The two cotton + spandex/rib + spandex fabric need not special explanation, mainly to add spandex and without spandex prices and design effect is different That doing yoga or advice with spandex fabric choose design combined with graceful movements can choose yoga close-fitting, the design of cultivate one's morality is preferred You too fat not beautiful posture;