The Sharing Of Bicycles Is The Driving Force Behind The Cycling Culture

- Oct 05, 2017-


with the improement of public quality of life and share the development of the bicycle, bicycle is not a simple transport already, it has gradually become people's practice of low carbon environmental protection one of the main way to healthy lifestyle Behind the mass cycling more contains the huge market of one hundred billion yuan;

according to a report of cantechs capital predicts 2025, the number of domestic cycling enthusiasts is expected to reach about 84 million people, will bring 420 billion yuan market;

Especially in the past world cycling day, and this kind of new healthy lifestyle to many people World cycling day More kinds of cycling公共1.jpg

The world cycling day”- has many variations:

In Shanghai, ride travel has gradually become a part of People's Daily life In the world day ride On the same day, Shanghai held a form of riding Combining cycling and sports tourism, 

is to meet the masters cycling tour a feature of the minhang activities By guided by minhang district tourism bureau sports bureau, to play a platform of riding activity attracted many people to attend According to organizers, the event aims to advocate green travel The national fitness,

 and at the same time with the Shanghai tourism festival and Shanghai tennis masters, let the audience understand the national and the world, Shanghai minhang

In addition to cycling + tourism combination, riding also appeared in some type of innovation Changfeng park in Shanghai, in the bike customised version water bicycle, which is Shared bike ride on the water for the first time;

Lin bailin, founder of the event, told that the water cycling is actually similar to normal cycling, and there is no technical difficulty

We hold the purpose of this activity is to create a new water sports, up to the young people out of their homes China there are a lot of such a beautiful waters, we are thinking of a new game to play more and more beautiful place;

In numerous riding into the concept of public welfare of the event is the most love launched a public welfare organization In Shanghai's Ride In Red city yi line activities The aim is to raise money for charity partnership, and we advocate green travel;

Organizers told those news, the public welfare riding a lot is the enterprise internal employee involvement, including many of the world top 500 enterprises, they also claimed the each team fundraising goal of $10000


Cycling is becoming a new way of life;

The Shanghai public riding to upsurge, riding the sport has gradually become the middle class has dedicated a new rest entertainment, not only low carbon environmental protection, also can have the effect of fitness;

With the further development of Shared bikes in China, riding + tourism is becoming a popular new fashion According to statistics, the past world day ride ;

There are more than 180 cities at home and abroad spontaneously organize green activities For most Chinese, the ride is not only a tool used to exercise, but also a dose of relief work pressure and the medicine of the bad mood, is also out of the island, connected to the bridge of the world

A company engaged in the work of financial staff to surging news reporters, the data of heavy and complicated is always at work at ordinary times is out of breath on him, and the weekend outdoor sports became his release the way of self;

I think compared with running, I love cycling more, after all, a man ran more lonely I will be with your friends during the weekend at ordinary times outdoors to ride a bicycle, such not only can let my mind more clear, also can have a chat with friends

These cycling activities not only make many people rediscover the joy of movement, even infected a lot of foreign friends A surge a French national working in Shanghai told journalists, these riding to let him know more about each corners of the Shanghai, also more understand China;

I'm impressed with the ride, I not only enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Shanghai, met many friends in China, but also exercise my body, I actually is not how to exercise in France, but I will be involved in this activity;

he cycling market will reach 420 billion yuan by 2025

Ride for the masses not only brought new leisure experience, also gives each urban belt is not the same scenery, the biggest change is the city's living environment more energy conservation and environmental protection Particularly the emergence of Shared cycling is also from another degree popularized the healthy cycling culture

According to wang xiaofeng, co-founder of mobike, more than 5.6 billion km of cycling mileage has been exceeded in the past 500 days, saving about 1.26 million tons of carbon emissions

Behind this, there are also many people from simple daily commutes, beginning to become familiar with and enthusiastic cycling

While people are falling in love with cycling, they have also begun to demand higher requirements for bicycle technology and equipment, which has led to a broader Chinese cycling market than Shared bicycles;

The number of domestic cycling enthusiasts is expected to reach about 84 million by 2025, with a market of 420 billion yuan, according to the company's data report cited by Forbes

Such a huge billions of market has also attracted the attention of many international competitions, and even the oldest of the tour DE France began the road to promote in China After the first tour DE France from the end of the challenge in changsha, it was their first step into the Chinese market to promote cycling culture

The tour Edve xuan sports general manager Kevin thinks, cycling sport also has the very big development space in China, we are the bicycle big country, (market) in growing at about 30% every year, the potential is very huge in the future