Sports Apparel Fabric Division Helps Italian Knitted Fabric Suppliers

- Sep 15, 2017-

From the Italian knitted fabric supplier Eurojersey S.p.A2016 years of sales of goods in the business environment. Eurojersey S.p.A 2016 annual sales of 56 million euros, an increase of 6%. About 25% to 30% of sales comes from the sports apparel fabric division, the division's sales increased by 15% compared with the previous year.


Eurojersey S.p.A was founded in 1960 and is mainly engaged in the design, development and manufacture of warp knitted fabrics. In 1989, the company's most famous patented fabric Sensitive® Fabrics came out, and gradually used for swimsuit, underwear and sports apparel products and derived from a variety of functional high-tech fabrics. Also in 1989, Eurojersey S.p.A became a member of the Italian fabric manufacturing group Gruppo Carvico.

In 2016, Eurojersey S.p.A's clothing fabric division sales after the sports apparel fabric division, also for the company's sales growth has made important contributions. Michela Delle Donne, head of marketing at Eurojersey SpA, said in an interview with Italian media MF Fashion: "If Eurojersey relies on swimsuit fabrics to survive the market and survive so far, there is a significant change in the pattern of the company's business unit Apparel fabrics and clothing fabrics sales of the two major business units now account for more than 50% of Eurojersey SpA annual sales.

Eurojersey S.p.A 2016 sportswear with fabric sales of 1.255 million meters, is expected to 2017 sales will be based on this growth of 15%. Eurojersey S.p.A The most important international clients include the Canadian yoga apparel company Lululemon, the British sportswear company Sweaty Betty, the Swedish outdoor sports apparel manufacturer Peak Performance, the Italian outdoor sportswear company Montura, the Italian equestrian fashion manufacturer Cavalleria Toscana. In addition to the international companies mentioned above, the Eurojersey SpA also offers the latest and highly technical sportswear fabrics for a small niche business and brand to help their products stand out from the market, including the young tennis sports brand from the UK, Monreal London