Multifunctional Skin Coat In The End How Good, Who Wear Who Knows

- May 31, 2017-

Sports professional production of multi-functional skin clothing, professional technology to take you to experience a more comfortable outdoor experience. Ken slave from the actual experience of outdoor life, the front to meet the consumers in the outdoor life of the various problems encountered for outdoor enthusiasts to create a different function of the outdoor skin clothing.

Multi-functional skin clothing light breathable, skin-skinned supple. Strict selection of high-quality anti-ultraviolet fabric, blocking the direct sunlight to prevent skin sunburn, can effectively reflect the sun in the harmful ultraviolet rays, reducing the outdoor strong sun damage to the skin. Fabric super waterproof, to ensure a good skin fastness, and excellent ventilation. Unique water resistance to effectively prevent the outdoor life of dew, mist penetration and wet clothes, to ensure the comfort of outdoor life experience. Reasonable tailoring design allows the wearer to stretch and stretch the movement, for outdoor enthusiasts, it is a very good choice.