Library Mobile Cloud Supermarket, The Explosion Of Outdoor Industry Change

- Dec 12, 2017-

Library mobile cloud supermarket, the explosion of outdoor industry change

New retail concept recently fired the thriving, apparently saw straws entity retail enterprises in China, but China's older generation entrepreneurs thought invariable, estimates that new retail as well as a touch less than a mirage, no anything to actually ma put forward five new retail change to make new financial new technology and new energy will change the future of business structure, actually in the final analysis is a cliche, but ma genius is that they are gathered together, and to the accumulation of alibaba group advantage resources to the limit;

Face the surging wave of new retail, many traditional offline store retailers are starting to try online fusion path, for merchants to provide new retail solution library move also recently introduced a new retail version 1.0, help customers quickly achieved the integration of the whole channel management, take the lead in occupying the new retail highland traditional retail face pain points including weak relationship with the user's stores and the limit of the management level of information technology can only rely on experience, new retail online fusion, can help traditional retail stores to connect and understand customers, and for each customer to do the optimization ;

After more than a year of market research, the library has summarized the following new characteristics;

The display value of offline shops is favored by local merchants?Explosive growth in shopping malls?

The big data system is the basic configuration?Online and offline full channel coverage?

In the new middle age, cultural innovation experiences and feelings are just as important as prices?

Entity new approach: cross-boundary cooperation can't stop?Brick-and-mortar stores are changing, the competition is fierce, 

and the inadvance is back;

The dichotomy between e-commerce and physical retailing itself is a mistake!

Retail enterprises should make full use of the advantages of various channels to do service portfolio, such as the efficiency of the advantage in the marketing of business channels, channels and entities of the advantage of customer experience, to provide consumers with an integrated user experience;

Library move to launch the new product is aimed at this kind of demand core retail solution is data analysis and precision marketing, for the consumer, he can easily buy it is concerned with quality and cheap products, as for electrical business channels to purchase this product from, or from the entity channels, isn't he the focus of the concern, these are just means rather than aim including more products to choose the high quality product design comfortable shopping convenience Behind those retail enterprises with price advantage, is a powerful supplier management system and operational efficiency, and the unique business model;

Since 4.25 this year, the library new retail continuously updated iteration, a new upgrade the new version is not only a set of management tools, but also through cargo field each link integration solution depth of focus people goods field for merchants to provide more accurate portrait of customers, the smart analysis of consumer preferences, let the cashier to better serve customers into inventory sharing real-time inventory query inventory lock warning inventory transfers inventory profit and loss parameter, the improvement of the stores and outlets inventory sharing policy at the same time, library dynamic retail has launched specifically for custom sports outdoor industry intelligence, library based on intelligent hardware and sensors provide wisdom stores iot technologies such as solution, strengthen the offline data collection, is one of the core competence with a large number of long tail users but settle ability of data analysis, data platform have far more than large companies, and thus can provide data solution rather than to simply application solutions, at the same time, also added to their pay closed loop in this way, even the marketing offline stores stock -process design can also accomplish digital guidance on display;

Channel customers, through the whole data islands into the scene, to meet customer needs through an automated data collection, increase the rate of customer purchase, reduce customer costs, focus on customer value, will be big process into extremely brief scenes together, reduce the complexity, realize the integration of service scenario;