Italian Tyremakers Teamed Up With Castelli To Build A Series Of Cycling Clothing Capsules

- Oct 07, 2017-

On August 30, 2017 in Germany Friedrichshafen Frederick port opening of Eurobike bicycle exhibition trade fair in Europe, Italy Pirelli tire makers not only shows the audience back to Pirelli P Zero bicycle market Velo tires, also hand in hand, also from Italy's famous cycling jerseys Castelli brand launched a cycling clothing capsule series, with fashion + ride this hot field of crossover;

The capsule clothing series developed by the Pirelli design team, in 2000 took their cue from the Pirelli P Zero tire series before and after the design style, the product will be crowned the Pirelli brand and in September in the Pirelli electric business platform in P Zero Velo series online.骑1.jpg

In fact, from the cycling of driving industry in recent years has been the fashion business, new areas In the past few months, well-known brand Lululemon yoga in Canada announced over the existing startups with bicycle technology dress 7 mesh to achieve strategic cooperation

In February, the Rossignol brand from the French ski clothing and equipment is bought the mountain bike brand Felt Bicycles, though the amount has not been disclosed, but the CEO of Rossignol Bruno Cercley confidently said will be in five years to achieve Felt Bicycles double sales target Rossignol in 2015 had acquired another ultra-lightweight road cycling TIME Sport design production and sale of the French company骑2.jpg

At the end of last year, L Catterton, the world's largest consumer private equity fund owned by LVMH, bought the controlling stake in Pinarello, an Italian premium road bike and accessories make

In early August this year, the us private equity RZC acquired the world's largest cycling club The high-end bicycle clothing and accessories manufacturers Rapha controlling stake The fund is by wal-mart (Wal - mart) founder Sam Walton's two grandsons Steuart Walton and Tom Walton started, both of them are cycling enthusiasts

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