How To Choose Your Own Cycling Clothes?

- Nov 24, 2017-

Cycling, for cycling enthusiasts in general is a healthy environmental protection fashion movement, for cycling athletes, it is speed, endurance, the fierce conflicts between skill is also the contest of bicycles and cycling equipment, in the bicycle equipment, the most important thing is to cycling jerseys, it determines the movement in the process of riding comfort and the exertion of movement level;

How to choose a suitable cycling suit?

First of all, from the overall: cycling jerseys as close as possible Close-fitting cycling jerseys to athletes in riding the wind resistance in the process of reducing to a minimum, as I know d m cycling jerseys is close-fitting design, cycling wear very comfortable, it is said that a lot of close friends riding on pants is irresistible, but trousers close-fitting is beneficial to reduce friction between a package and thighs, although many say speed also unhappy, anyway also don't game, don't need to consider the wind resistance, but if take part in the professional game, so it is necessary to consider this

His/her jersey for the fabric should be basically has the following characteristics: high elastic breathe freely, sweat now has imported composite fabrics, should be a better choice at present, the composite fabric is a multilayer fabrics combination to form a new fabric, the surface easy to printing and dyeing, air permeability, good tensile, middle knitting density is relatively high surface, used as a wet gas, stay dry lining perspiration such benefit is that no matter how much you sweat, his/her jersey for the internal is always dry, can keep close and minimizing wind resistance, and sweat exudes, after being absorbed by middle and stop in the middle, not reverse flow to the inner layer;1副本.jpg

About cycling pants

Wearing tight leggings not only allows you to pedal while riding, but also the cushioning of cycling pants besides adding comfort.More can avoid thigh medial and cushion of friction, gasket can be said to be riding pants of choose and choose key;Good liner should be sweat fast drying Coated strong sex and not hot, certainly can have the 3 d stereo clipping is best but often see cyclists to avoid riding trousers that tight feeling And deliberately choosing cycling shorts in large size;As a result, the waistband has been dropping, and the trouser tube has a lot of visual penalty when riding on the air.Tight but malleable cycling pants can help protect your muscles and slow down the pain and tiresome of your muscles;

Long cycling shorts:

Depending on the weather (air temperature) and the cycling route, you can choose to wear: long riding trousers, such as high altitude trails, are better than short cycling pants.Because mountain climate temperature change is big, long cycling shorts and quick drying function that discharge sweat plus clothing can effectively avoid hypothermia happens (resting a ChangYun move like to wear pants would be much warmer) in addition to afraid of tan's friend, summer wear long cycling shorts is pretty sad;1.jpg

Women's Short cycling :

Short cycling shorts are specially designed for women's professional, besides appearance color choice is relatively soft, better lining design conforms to the female physiological structure, caring little design and selection of key;If the design of silicone waistband is better, it can avoid the discomfort of traditional stitching.It's only a female-style design;

Casual shorts:

There are recreational shorts cycling pants and professional tri-iron cycling pants.The slacks of casual trousers have the same padding, while the appearance is the same as the general athletic shorts. The range of the suit is not suitable for sports cars and tri-iron, but can be worn by almost any cycling sport.Like free bicycle players can consider to buy, but riding pants very much the same as the professional car prices And swimming, and bicycle run concurrently SanTie cycling shorts is close to the appearance of the bikini, but with no iron man's wear it!And its location is clear, general except triathlon is not applicable to other fields

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