How To Choose A Sports Fast T-shirt?

- May 31, 2017-

The main function of the fast-acting t-shirt is rapid perspiration, that is, the sweat from the skin is rapidly absorbed, diffused, and the evaporation rate is accelerated by enlarging the area as much as possible. Under normal circumstances, the back of the sweat can be completed in 20 minutes dry. Wearing ordinary sportswear, exercise immediately after the break into the state, because of changes in human body temperature and sick. While the fast-drying t-shirt can be scattered and warm and good, is conducive to keep the skin dry and refreshing. Quick-drying t-shirt from the fabric can be divided into two kinds: one is not waterproof but breathable performance is good; another water repellent, and good ventilation. Everyone in the choice of choice must be waterproof and breathable exercise fast dry t-shirt.

Quick drying clothes washing we also need to note: quick-drying clothing and ordinary clothing is also necessary to carry out the appropriate cleaning and maintenance. For waterproof quick-drying T-shirt, pay attention to try to wash, after all, quick-drying T-shirt waterproof will be affected, do not vigorously rub, machine wash, then open to the soft file. In the same drying and hiking shoes, it is best to avoid direct sunlight, synthetic fibers in the direct sunlight is easy to aging.