Which cycling brand fabric is better ?

- Oct 07, 2017-

It is true  for many riding friends will think good fabrics can be called is a good cycling jerseys, cycling jerseys for riding friends play a very important role, for many beginners may still don't understand the function of cycling jerseys, here let us make a  simple introduce for you:


1 protection function:

 Cycling jerseys mainly have heat preservation and protection of the rider's role is to the body don't hurt, so the fabrics of cycling jerseys are generally wear resistance is strong, we see in the cycling sports often someone accidentally fell down from the car, riding can be a very good protect your skin from the crash

2 warning function:

Cycling jerseys in addition to protect good body, and the safety warning role, of his/her jersey for the reflective article glance when riding at night, can very good behind must pay attention to the vehicle in front of the warning pedestrians keeping their distance

3 comfortable function:

Wearing shorts riding will have very good comfort, riding has a good sweat in hot weather breathable quick-drying, this is far from ordinary clothes, which is riding friends like to wear professional cycling jerseys

After understanding the role of the cycling jerseys, I believe you should know why riding the friends all like to wear shorts, don't look at just a normal cycling jerseys, when key it can bring you a lot of help