What to wear for running?

- Nov 07, 2017-

1. The outfit that show a meat: the result is the most important

You on the final results and results, especially the visual result. The embodiment of the appearance is very important.


2. Big bright color leggings: in a good mood

Whatever today, the purpose of fitness effect, today the mood is perfect, I only want to get drunk with alacrity.


3. To eliminate black: self-motivated, positive and uplifting

A wide variety of colors and beautiful case infinitely give people positive energy and vitality. Even if the road to fitness long hard, your fear difficulties and challenges, always encourage yourself, keep optimistic!


4. Layer cascade folds: independent, independent self

You don't want to and others in the gym went the same way. To make sure every detail, every piece of equipment, can make themselves comfortable cheerful.


5. The bra tops: self-confidence

This is without explanation. Regardless of the cups, don't bother about how others look at how to think. I do my home.


6. A full set of yoga gear: love family

For you, spend the same money, compared to high heels, would you like to add a piece of furniture. Where in the same way, never more important than how to wear.