What the yoga beginners learners should pay attention to when buy the yogas ?

- Oct 24, 2017-

What the yoga beginners learners should pay attention to when buy the yogas ?

  1. Yoga clothes need to be easy and would not bind the activities of the body On this basis, there are a lot of style changes, especially the yoga suit jacket Yoga bottoms is different form varies in length, in all kinds of length of yoga bottoms, mainly include the horn mouth and beam (i.e., lantern shape), etc;

  2. It's best to have only one layer of clothing for yoga, and even in winter, you should practice yoga in a warm, warm room for winter and summer;

  3. About yoga best can wear sports bra underwear or don't wear underwear, that is yoga clothes with breast pad (padding is unfavorable choose too thick) this type of reason, after all, most people do yoga is the yoga class, in front of the person not familiar with the IP convex is not a very good thing With a steel ring such as gather underwear don't wearing in yoga;

  4. About the fabric close to the skin in, of course, is a natural fabrics is first selection, main requirements for breathable absorbent cotton bamboo charcoal fiber flax is a good choice In addition, modal is also a lot of yoga clothing materials, because of its flexibility, less bound to the body;

  5. My own opinion yoga jacket should be able to cover the waist and small belly, women need to keep warm, for the reason not to repeat;It's best to get your knees under yoga;Do not wear underwear when practicing yoga;

  6. However, is linen or cotton blended fabrics If you don't want to buy clothes too laborious, personal advice pulled a few meters or spun rayon, cotton group to do a can greatly (because of inelastic or elastic fabric is very small, must do wide), suggest that jacket sleeveless pants convergent made bloomers (sample)