What's the difference between the sports bra and Normal bra

- Oct 11, 2017-

It was reported the sport bra it's become more amd more popular betwwen

the  young ladies of 90's and 95's.

It's true we are coming the time of Sports Bra time.

today we are going to tell the dear readers 

What's the difference between the sports bra and Normal bra?文胸副本.jpg

The normal bra function is used to hide and support the breasts, increasing comfort and vitality, while sports bras are designed to prevent women's breasts from being harmed during exercise;

Sports Bra is also called a Sports Bra (Sports Bra), it is a specific feature classification according to the Bra under a category So therefore, righteousness, sports bra is to avoid a woman's breasts hurt in sports fitness;

In sports such as running bounce, breast will shake shake If there is no wear motile bust, chest involuntarily swing sharply, making elastic fibers within the breast tissue is permanent damage, resulting in bosom prolapse ;

Some breast enhancement beauty because there is no use even sports bras exercise, injury of soft tissue and the pectoralis major, even breathing difficulties When breast enhancement beautiful women feel chest pain, some people will be associated with breast disease or orthopedic problems, few people realize that may be due to the intense exercise injury and breast

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