What kind of fabric is best for sportswear?

- Nov 09, 2017-

What is the best material for sportswear?

Sportswear fabrics choose, sportswear, is one is engaged in the outdoor sports wear clothing in the society before, 

because of economic problems, clothes fabric type is very few, except for a few more high-grade fabrics, such as silk 

and silk, only a few common fabrics more extensive, it feel almost mostly And then, with the development of science and technology,

 textile technology unceasing enhancement, more and more of the fabric is multifarious, handy to have a variety of fabrics, knitting fabric 

and clothes is one of them;

Likes the movement of people to sports clothes have higher requirements, such as in the game, clothing comfort, often affect the mood of the game participants and achievement effect So, movement taking that kind of fabric, wearing more comfortable

What kind of fabric is best for sportswear?

Now in the clothing market, most sportswear is the use of knitting fabric Mainly polyester knitted fabric has good elastic extensibility and permeability, very suitable for sports very much Knitting fabric wicking performance is very good, the appearance of the fabric is very crisp, because has so many advantages, so a wide range of knitted fabrics are used, is very popular among people

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