What Is Bikini?

- Oct 06, 2017-


Bikini, Bikini since early 1946 Americans first, as a symbol of freedom and liberation of human nature, is a symbol of modern culture in the 20th century, and soon accepted by post-modern society, become a fashion symbol of postmodern culture all sorts of ideas. For ordinary people in life, of course, the bikini is a swimsuit, necessary clothing on holiday at the seaside.However, wear what style of bikini, or how much according to the different cultural concepts. Bikini, more outstanding than any clothing beyond its original practical function, as a living language of cultural concept.


In the new century, the following four topics in the style of bikini will be wildly across the hot sun every inch of land, at sea, on the beach, decorated walls charming scenery:

1. The Romantic
This is the expression of emotional meaning. Full of female vitality and bright bold and unrestrained, such as the summer sun shining, such as coastal jumps, such as breeze dancing, is a dynamic style, relaxing the nature. This theme style of bikini colorful, adopting the printed fabric, with plaid, striped, and flower design, full of feminine charm. Design focus is in the cup the adornment of the joint and the waist line belt, adding a flowing move feeling. Most cover ring have steel fixed chest. Condole belt width different, one-piece and tap shoulder straps.

2. The Anatomical structure
This is a kind of concept of the future - simple, naked. The human body in the show under the cutting point, line and plane geometry graphics, triangular, linear, oblong, diagonal lines. A Cyber - culture (computer culture) metal with digital taste of The Times. This theme style of bikini using monochromatic elastic thin fabric, light color fastens, a flash. Asymmetric design stand out. Back design printed fabrics, fully in line with attached, make the body more fully exposed to the summer sun. Elastic fiber thin fabrics more embodies the "second skin" effect, make the bikini more fully become a part of the body.

3. The game is Playful
"Game" is also a special term of contemporary culture. Entertainment is a game, life is a game, and work is a game, laws, customs, called the "game rule". It seems a little cynicism for serious life - "the game of life", in fact this is a kind of responsibility for complex ease - "drama of life". The rise of leisure culture is a kind of planning of the time new high-tech era, make more efficient and make life more quality, is also a great way to keep the childlike innocence is still.
This theme style of bikini shallow light color, monochrome, printing, give priority to with slightly thicker elastic fabrics. Key in the flabella adornment design, or compose the predecessor or compose the edge, more can compose full chest. Generally do not add steel, linear design, bottom pants for high waist and flat foot trousers, also have a small waist briefs. Give a person a kind of lively and lovely, emphatically easy girl.

4. Motor sport
This is a prominent health style of bikini. Health is one of the modern people to pursue fashion. People are talking about: "healthy have it all", "1, wealth is health, love, freedom, and other are O, have health to have 100, 1000, 10000,..."Exercise has become the emerging power of life.
This theme style of bikini is given priority to with printed stretch fabric, similar sports bra style. Monolithic wide shoulder straps, a straight line joining together, horizontal lines joining together, also have a slash splicing. Underwear is in the waist briefs, decorate concise, mainly is the double seam and along the way there are generous and lovely impression to the person.