What is a cycling suit

- Jun 05, 2018-


 A cycling suit is a professional sportswear when riding a bicycle or motorcycle.

Riding clothing classification can have a variety of methods, according to the season to classify, can also be in accordance with fabric, style classification, can also be classified according to the production process.

Riding in a narrow sense of "riding the line" and the broad sense of "riding the line", the general people often say "riding clothes" for bicycle riding, does not include motorcycle riding clothing, generally known as motorcycle riding clothing for "rider" or "racing clothes." Motorcycle Riding clothing and cycling wear each have a focus.

Motorcycle Riding clothing to wind, protection as the main purpose of bicycle riding clothing to comfort riding the main purpose, focusing on fast drying, high elasticity,

insulation, perspiration performance, the requirements for protection performance is weaker than motorcycle riding clothing. Fabric is also very different, motorcycle riding clothing to fur, PU as the main materials, with sponges, silica gel as protective ingredients, more thick. Bicycle riding clothing to polyester, lycra as the main materials, light and fast dry, high bombs. This legend is for bicycle long sleeve cycling suit.