Wear it with heart fitness clothes

- Nov 07, 2017-

In the gym besides to master behavioral essentials, the right dress can let a person comfortable to wear, you have a good mood exercise, here is to share what are the common exercise program under the right dress?


Any HIGH on spinning


Sleeveless blouse: select sweat fast sleeveless condole belt unlined upper garment to facilitate the movement, and will not let you enjoy the rhythm is perspiration upset, will also inadvertently show you beautiful lines by motion.


7 minutes of pants, sports on spinning, wear length and around knee joint, legs narrow, elastic sports pants. Because if the legs are too wide, easy to bike near the foot of parts, bicycle is not beautiful also vulnerable.


Fingerless gloves: cool gloves is worth match item. Not just because of cool, more important is that gloves can rise to prevent slippery effect when your sweaty palms, protect you under the fast rhythm of spinning, by hand injuries. At the same time, the gloves to avoid the palm to handle direct contact of the car, won't make your hand of fine jade rough because of friction.


A thick towel: on the bike seat pad a towel, absorb sweat not only, also let more comfortable cushion.


Points: a hip belt: in the case of not impede movement, occasionally a small decoration, will be let mood high up good helper, like the width of this white belt, though not movement, but in the SPINNING, the really can try to dress up.