The type of knitted underwear fabric

- Oct 23, 2017-

The type of knitted underwear fabric

The kinds of knitted underwear fabric: different kinds of knitted underwear is made of knitted fabric sewn into different groups In the same unit, according to its structure characteristic, can use a fabric of organization, can also be used more than one organization fabric to sewing (such as garment body and cuff) o a lot of tissue types used fabric knitted underwear, name is quite inconsistent, mainly has the following kinds;

The sweat cloth can be divided into fine and fine sweats according to different processing techniques.

Fine drift single jersey Also known as the shrinkage of cloth, it is the single jersey after alkali shrinkage, thus density increases, the fastness to improve, the coil is clear, wearing out of shape not easily In sweater pants type of underwear, this kind of knit fabric accounted for a larger proportion;

Unshrinkable sweatcloth, the fabric's density fastness and the appearance of the fabric;

Double yarn single jersey Is to use two single yarn and co-editor of single jersey Double gauze is single yarn fabric is thick, good water imbibition, stretch strength, friction resistance, is suitable for sewing manual workers and athletes wore a vest, vest;

Rib fabric belongs to the rib of rib fabric is divided into two kinds of rib and rib spandex Rib is usually 1 + 1 group, take advantage of its excellent flexibility to make the collar of my shirt and trousers, cuff hem pants mouth, etc Rib spandex has 1 + 1 1 + 2 + 3, 3 + 4, and other organizations, more than 1 + 1 rib spandex used for sewing sweaters, vests, called elastic t-shirts, vests, 2 + 3, 3 + 4 groups such as rib nylon is used to make sportswear and stretch sweater, etc

interlock Interlock of knitted fabric commonly referred to as cotton cloth, because it is opposite is almost the same, so also known as double-sided cloth, cotton cloth to o thicker, warmth retention property is strong, is the main fabric sewing cotton sweater pants And because of its flexibility and lateral extensibility is large, suitable for making various kinds of sports clothing dyed interlock in addition to light, dark, and color cotton cloth, combed cotton cloth ribbon and cotton cloth, etc;