The necessary reason two to wear the cycling wear when riding a bike

- Oct 07, 2017-


More and more people are falling in lovewith cycling along with the awareness of the sport and the promotion of cycling,

A good cycling wear equipment is necessary and important to prepare for the bike riding .

 but the most important part of cycling clothes is the ability to absorb the sweat and sweat,which means wicking finish function and the selection of the seat cushion is also crucial.

Here we are going to share with us from 4points about the advandage of wearing cycling jersey :

1 cycling jerseys are tight design, don't worry about clothing and bicycles cut ceng ;

2 riding trousers have professional silicone cushion design, can make the ride more comfortable ;

3,cycling jerseys clothes are designed with professional carrying bag, such as mobile phone keys wallet can fit into a pocket will not affect the bike 

4, good cycling jerseys materials also have the effect that reduce wind resistance, can rise to improve the effect of speed