Teach you how to choose the suitable ladies sports bra

- Oct 11, 2017-

The sports bra is very popular during this years,especially for the young ladies 

between 90's and 95's.so the sports bra 's develop and selling is becoming more and 

more competitive .

It was reported the sports bra  crazy liked by the young ladies ,many people think of it's

has good development foreground.

However ,many people still don't know how to choose an suitable sports bra ,

how we are going to tell everyone some kind of key words to 

find the suitable sports bra;3副本.jpg

1How to choose the size of sports bra?

Sports bra size with general underwear size meter method is different, is S M L (that is, the small number of large) to distinguish As a result, the size of professional sports bra will indicate the the sports bra size of underwear size at ordinary times In addition, depending on the type of movement you often do to choose sports bra: indoor or outdoor, severe or mild, in accordance with the decision style color If indoor sport is more, choose white or light color, more beautiful;If heavy exercise is more, choose flexibility is more convenient and practical

2,Sports bra choose  skills were mild to moderate and high support, and so on the choice according to their own movement type to choose Be sure to buy high strength support series to run

 2 (1)sports bra inside don't choose to have the attention of the steel tower type coat color contrast shoulds not be big, lest on preventing anything-from 

3 you have to know your chest circumference, chest and cup type cup size points AA type type type A B C D type

 4 to check the ingredient brand Whether it is pure cotton texture?Leica is a kind of elastic fibers, fabrics of lycra composition is higher, shows that the better elasticity So check if contain lycra elements are essential to choose 

5,Check the shoulder strap design of underwear, if the elasticity is good, the Angle position is good, do not have the awkwardness that falls

6 single sports can prevent breast prolapse, cotton underwear of Calais card without friction skin, therefore suitable for busty lady of three-dimensional magic sports bra can focus your breast from both sides to the middle, breast pad removable Easy to clean, ms is a smaller bust or plain choice fitting is an important part of our response to the side of the body, after before the mirror and see activity on the body, whether wearing comfortable experience natural

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