Safe and comfortable riding,starting with put off your underwear

- Oct 06, 2017-

Many friends like riding bike , every cycling enthusiasts have several sets of cycling jerseys, cycling jerseys not only the color is gorgeous, improve safety, iconic help cycling jerseys is the most important functionality, such as sweat sweat absorption, reduce wind resistance, etc., but a lot of friends in the debate, wearing the cycling shorts in topic in need

Ride a bike when wearing a beautiful cycling jerseys not to just feel cool, it has strong function, can reduce the wind resistance sweat and protection role Breathe in the ride Sweat to keep the body dry quickly;


Cycling shorts is give priority to in order to stretch tight fabric, and effectively reduce wind resistance at the same time, can the parcel muscles, reduce ache, inserts for cycling shorts is in order to reduce pain in the ass Elastic surface conducive to package buttocks and thigh muscle, the muscle has certain protective effect;Tight is to reduce the wind resistance of riding, reduce leg and cushion, fart and cushion friction, protect skin not because of friction and damage;

Gasket is in order to improve the comfort, maximum and liner is envoy materials, can effectively slow play, ventilation, heat dissipation, absorb sweat, sweat A set of cycling jerseys, most can be a judgment by cycling shorts pad;

Ride for a long period of time, if there is an uncomfortable situation, uncomfortable place will be more uncomfortable Most uncomfortable reason from friction, make the person was on pins and needles is the cause of friction is not dry, wet If wear a pure cotton within the inner inside was cut through with sweat that you know is what circumstance

Cycling shorts must carefully choose a long ride, even a little uncomfortable place will become serious, riding pants cushion can determine the sit still riding in the car cushion materials at present, silicone and so on many kinds of sponge;

Here we are telling  ,Related knowledge of professional cycling pants:3副本.jpg

1. Elastic fabrics:

The muscle that is advantageous to wrap buttock, thigh, have certain protect motor muscle function (effect and running pair of tight pants same effect).
2. Tight design:
It is beneficial to reduce the wind resistance of cycling, reduce the friction between the inner thighs and the seat, and protect the skin of the thigh from chafing.
3. Interior design:
It can reduce the vibration, spread the pressure distribution and reduce the feeling of discomfort and pressure.
4. Special materials for fabrics and inner pads:
Special material manufacturing, can effectively guide the flow and heat dissipation, exude sweat.
These are not suitable for wearing underwear:

The purpose of cycling pants is 3: 

a)reduce wind resistance, 

b)increase the comfort level of the buttock and seat cushion

c)reduce friction.