Is it Knitting polyester fabric good for sportswear?

- Nov 09, 2017-

Is it Knitting polyester fabric good for sportswear?

 Many people think that cotton clothing is the best, because it can absorb sweat very well, and it is comfortable to wear.

Actually for sportswear, cotton clothes but is not necessarily good Because very absorbent such as pure cotton clothes, can absorb the body sweat, but as a result of the movement when sending out sweat more, also easy so residue on clothes, over time, will let the clothes send out sweaty, makes it impossible to wear;

Now, such as li ning, Nike Adidas and other domestic and foreign first-class sportswear brand, has spent a lot of manpower and financial resources developed a comfortable Good permeability Quick drying polyester clothes So, what sports clothes fabric is the best?Of course is worthy knitted polyester fabrics Made of clothes to wear it not only has the cotton garment comfort, and ventilation function better than pure cotton clothes, in addition, he's very fast, don't let the sweat residue on clothes, convenient cleaning, is the first selection of strenuous exercise;

What is the best material for sportswear?, consumer is when the choose and buy to seriously to identify what is the material of the clothes Sports need according to oneself, if only as casual dress to wear, can choose pure cotton clothes, this is no problem, but if it is to play games such as wearing a violent campaign, had better choose a big brand of polyester, improve its quality and comfort of movement, movement up yourself more comfortable;

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