How to Keep Going on Yoga?

- Sep 19, 2017-

1, look at the notes before practicing yoga postures. Every sport has taboo, yoga is no exception.

2, the practice of yoga asana is there a right or a wrong position. Although yoga is considered to be the only not injured, cultivate one's morality and mind, but too much video and online books, and a simple video and books although shows to treat mild and his own body, but hard to avoid can practice because of a wrong position and hurt himself. Competitive nature of beginners, especially some character even Shouting there to do on the video or the appearance of the book. It is really very vulnerable, and practice is out of it, but no feeling of yoga.


3, breathing. A good variety of yoga breathing. The best way of breathing and beginners is natural breath, in practice any style beginners don't breath, otherwise may cause nausea and dizziness. No special instructions to please the nasal absorption. And beginners to focus on your breathing, also do not deliberately do not deliberately stretched to breathe, breathe too don't inhale or can't breath all no longer attract the exhale is not in the damage of our physical behavior. Breathe naturally. General body forward and down time is out, back to the original position is inspiratory, reverse exhale, back to the timing inspiratory, stretch when inspiratory, contracting out.

4, roots. Yoga postures type is the foundation of all postures of mountain, the mountain type foundation is a foot, four points around our feet is the foundation. So the beginner must learn stand mountain type. This experience, the more the more feel roots firmly on the ground. If is the palm of your hand, palm is a foundation, foundation is rooted in the ground, asana more stable.


5, the sequence. Many postures if certain parts were a will waste us too much effort, if the focus away from the center line again for a long time also won't have the feeling of yoga practice. Especially the pelvis line can make our body more forceful.

6, beginners. Beginners should be as far as possible to find out more about yoga yoga postures of theory knowledge, let my heart calm down first, then learn yoga. As for the video or books, things on the video had been secured, so does not suggest beginners in accordance with the guide to practice yoga on video. Yoga beginners as far as possible to go to some more some lessons, to understand how to do yoga and so on have a certain understanding to practice at home. Practising to dizziness, many beginners to practice at home to neck pain, practice to have back pain. Perhaps some people said there is practiced yoga member to this situation, but after all is not the majority.


7, super stretch. That is why practice to knee wrist pain. Super stretch beyond stretch, is the full name of back a lot of people standing at the knees too much cause the whole leg is back an arc, then the man standing is very tired, because power and lead to excessive oppression of the knee joint. Over time, the knee meniscus is wearing thin, resulting in knee pain. Also is such, elbow and wrist joints.

8, postures. Many beginners read on the Internet poses are generally very difficult asana, and beginners always wants to do it, just suggest that we first do a basic postures.When we simply proneness, bend and torsion when done very easily, a lot of difficulty older style is very easy to do. Difficult asana without the need to start to do, some people start practicing a handstand or wheel, etc, feel very cool, but these postures if done wrong, the injured is yourself. There are many basic postures. Even a simple ramp, do more can also have a lot of experience. Can do it first worship day 12 type, the body will be more and more light.

Hope every beginners do good to your body. Get to know more feel more slowly will find yoga asana did the right thing will be very comfortable, and poses more do more easily.