How to distinguish the good and bad of the yoga clothes

- Oct 16, 2017-

How to distinguish the good and bad of the yoga clothes:

1. How to distinguish the good and bad yoga clothes?Yoga is given priority to with comfortable natural

functional Yoga clothing fashion style color texture style each have different, everyone can the be fond of according to oneself to choose favorite clothing, but yoga is a kind of smooth, stretch, focus on the integration of the fitness way, so how to distinguish the stand or fall of yoga clothing is especially important, small make up recommend below refer to the following points when the choose and buy瑜伽服.jpg

2. Texture: takehara fiber is a new kind of natural fiber, is the combination of physical and chemical

methods of natural bamboo fiber, natural takehara fiber and bamboo pulp fiber, the distinction that having essence, takehara fiber belongs to the natural fiber, bamboo pulp fiber belongs to the successful development of chemical fiber takehara marks the birth of a natural fiber, it conforms to the national industrial development policy Natural takehara fiber with moisture breathable antibacterial antibacterial deodorant good properties such as uv protection

3. Style:concise and easy agile clothes don't have too many decorations (especially metal belt

orknot,in order to prevent the chromium in the body, cause unnecessary damage Should be stretched freely, whole body does not feel bound subject style: cuffs it doesn't matter, with natural open advisable;His trousers with elastic or Mr. Rope mouth advisable, because yoga after some lie on your back in action, tight mouth can prevent pant leg down Winter clothing in trousers Long dress is given priority to Summer is given priority to with short pajamas pants can match

4. Color: as far as possible choose relaxed The color of quietly elegant, pure color is the best, so that the visual nerve of allows you to relax, to make yourself calm down quickly Don't let the color too Identifiable, avoid color makes you feel excited when practicing yoga best is given priority to with white in color Style: to highlight the personality, you can choose to have the Indian national style of clothing, easing the nature, have put on a kind of elegant and easy mystery;There is also a modern style of fitness clothing, tight elasticity, and a good shape to wear, the general practice of high temperature yoga is more suitable for you to choose according to your own preferences

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