How to choose the best cycling jersey for you

- Oct 05, 2017-

Selecting the correct apparel is very important, not just in cycling, in every sport.

Wear a thin Summer jersey in Winter and you’ll freeze; wear a thick Winter jersey in Summer and you’ll boil. You need to get the right balance.

You also have to consider the type of fit. Do you want that ultra-tight, super-aero race fit jersey or the practical everyday performance fit?

Our cycling apparel is made by industry leaders – Bioracer. Bioracer, have done many years of research on product materials, aerodynamics, clothing fits and they’re constantly evolving the range. They have well over 500 medals (Olympics and World Championships) to their name!
So you’re in good hands, but it’s important to choose what works for you.

Choosing the best cycling jersey will allow you to have a much better experience out on your bike. We think everyone should ride more and have more bike adventures. So we’ve created this mini guide for choosing the right cycling jersey.

Step 1:find the correct fit;

Choosing the right fit for your body type

Getting the right cycle jersey fit for your requirements is vital. Everyone has a different idea about what they want and obviously varying body shapes and sizes. Here at stolen goat, we try to keep it simple – we have two fits for our cycling jerseys: ‘Performance‘ ( for all day performance) and ‘Race‘ (for race winning lean & mean goats). Both fits are suitable for small and large people, but it’s about how the jersey is cut…

Performance – All day comfort

The Performance Fit, as found in our ever popular Bodyline range, is the slightly more relaxed fit of the two. These jerseys are designed to be relatively aero but supremely comfortable on and off the bike. If you stop for coffee & cake on your rides then this is the best bet.

Made from a 4-way stretch material which helps hug the body, The Performance fit is not too tight but not loose either, this range is aimed at everyday cycling and comfort. With it’s slightly more relaxed fit at the waist compared to the RaceTech Fit, if you’re a mountain biker, commuter or racking up the miles on your racer, this range is the comfiest!

You can discover all our cycling jerseys in the performance fit here – note that we have options for various weather conditions…

Race Fit – Tight, lean, mean, aggressive

It takes a certain type of person to wear the Race Fit, it isn’t for the faint hearted. We are serious when we say this is race winning technology. The fit across the shoulders is very aggressive and the front is much shorter than the back. Wear it with your jeans on in front of the mirror and you’ll feel ridiculous but once on the bike, riding hard in an aero tuck and it all makes complete sense. Zero excess, full tilt, race wear. Treat it like a second skin, if you can do the zip up… it fits! Again, we have options for different weather conditions…

STEP 2;Weather Condition;

Now you’ve picked the right fit, you have to consider the weather conditions. The weather conditions will determine what jersey to choose.

In some collections, there is choice of short or long sleeves.2副本.jpg


Warm // Hot // Dry //  – If the conditions are known to be dry then it’s much easier, you can essentially use the temperature as your guide. Here we would recommend the short sleeve jerseys in the Bodyline or Ibex collections. Try our thermal performance jerseys for a cool or cold but dry climate.



Warm // Cool // Cold // Wet // Changeable  Once the rain kicks in, or worse it is is undecided before you leave the house, things get slightly trickier. We would recommend any of the jerseys in the Orkaan collections. These jerseys will keep you comfortable in all but the hottest & driest conditions. This decision just got way easier…

STEP3;What's your favourite flavour

When choosing a jersey, colour is a massive deciding factor. You may find that colour is a silly factor to consider when choosing a jersey, however, it’s quite important. If you don’t like the colour – you may be less inclined to wear it? So make sure it’s a colour you like and are happy to wear! Don’t let anyone define your colour choice. Top tip – when browsing the category pages you can filter by colour choice ;-)

Be a goat! Not a sheep! – Be bold! Be different!

We hope this guide has helped you understand more about our range and what jersey is needed in different weather conditions. If you found this guide useful, please copy and paste this link and share to everyone!