What is the healthier way for Sports?

- Sep 12, 2017-

What is the healthier way for Sports?

Sport is a good way to lose weight.Obese increased physical activity, not only can achieve increase body fat "spending," the purpose of restoring the body, but also can make each organ of the body to get exercise and strengthen physique.Therefore, increase the movement is very suitable for a good way to lose weight.


First, avoid strenuous exercise
Strenuous exercise for weight loss is invalid and useless.Such as using the treadmill running, lift weights, playing football, and all jump jump, movement time is short, heavy, the increase in the consumption of the human body is a large proportion of the consumption of sugar and water, prone to hunger and thirst, involuntarily increase food intake.Such movement also is not easy to insist, when exercise heart rate more than 160 / minute, the fatigue often make people give up sports, and play computer, of course, is the result of the weight loss is invalid.Even if really bite the bullet and persevere to the end, the general is also to the whole body muscle practice very full, strong, mellow and traditional Oriental female also gentle and graceful.


Second, insist on aerobic exercise
Chronic exercise is aerobic exercise, has low strength, pace and interrupt the characteristics of not easily, is beneficial to reduce the number of subcutaneous fat, reduce subcutaneous fat volume, suitable for digestion and circulation.Such as walking, cycling, jogging, swimming, tai chi, etc.
Requirement is 1, there is enough oxygen to participate in, outside the best;2, must adhere to 30 ~ 60 minutes;3, exercise heart rate < 150 times/min.For movement of time: when hungry, before eating, before I go to bed.
Best to exercise in the evening 7-8 PM.


In addition, in the home also can insist to take exercise, for example the squat exercises, jump rope, kick before and after using chairs instead of ribs, etc.
To sum up, the principle of exercise to lose weight is to insist to do aerobic exercise, not less than twice a week.Short-term movement does not have apparent effect, must strengthen confidence, insist to take exercise, straight to achieve the purpose of healthy weight loss.