What are the bests of Fitness?

- Sep 12, 2017-

Life Is Movement. Six Bests of Fitness.


1. The best anti-aging sports, running, can arouse the enthusiasm of antioxidant enzymes in the body, so as to have the effect of anti-aging.


2. Swimming is one of the best motion reducing weight, hands and feet is very effective and the sports consumption of fat.


3. Bounce is the best brain movement, can promote blood circulation, can supply the brain with full of energy, improve the ability of thinking and imagination.


4.The best prevent myopia sports, table tennis, ciliary muscle relaxation and contraction, can promote the blood supply and metabolism of eye tissue, effectively improve the eyesight.


5.The best bodybuilding, gymnastics, persistence in aerobics, strengthening exercise balance and coordination, can achieve obvious effect of fitness.


6.The best anti-hypertensive movement: take a walk.According to the Japanese expert research, for high blood pressure patients to choose sports way walking, cycling, swimming, should not be used to lift, pull, push, carry heavy things, because it can cause blood pressure to rise.