Do you wear makeup to hot yoga?

- Nov 07, 2017-


Not appropriate to cosmetic and if there is need discharge makeup.
Before exercise face make-up all discharge is divided, can not to wear any makeup; Keep the face clean pores breathe smoothly; Don't apply makeup to sweat out, at the same time is conducive to discharge the backlog of toxin in body, make the fitness effect is better.

The harm of fitness before not discharge makeup:
Movement in the process of discharge of a large number of sweat if mixed with foundation, easy to cause pore jams, cause acne, more serious can cause allergies.

Fitness needs to pay attention to the skin below the details:
In the process of movement, the whole body blood circulation to speed up the pore is opened; Cosmetics, at this time of the mixture of oil, dirt can easily cause pore clogging. For acne-prone skin, the mixture meet sweat would breed bacteria, acne inflammation and redness phenomenon has become more serious.

If other cosmetics waterproof ability to resist sweat is not enough, sweat makeup will spend on my face. So need to wash before fitness, even if with her daily makeup thick makeup, please be sure to put the make-up. With heavy makeup fitness, is a disfigured.