Different sports need different sports garments

- Sep 13, 2017-

The gym need what clothes?

 You are now in the gym all sports with a workout clothes do?So you have been inappropriate, different movement, emphasis to the requirement of workout clothes are not the same.That what kind of sports that need what kind of workout clothes?
Exercise, a set of suitable for sportswear is essential, not only can let you get the best performance during exercise, most comfortable movement process, at the same time can protect your body, and avoid physical damage caused by improper clothes.The following four kinds of common the gym, the principle of choosing clothes are different!

1. The yoga
When a lot of MM do yoga just wear a suit sportswear with respect to ok, in fact this is not correct.Yoga has many stretches the sexual action, clothing the most important still is elastic, absorb sweat.On this basis, the coat is given priority to with reservation, the choice of neckline don't drive too big, clothes not too tight, in case of significant gesture, indecent accident happens.Bottoms, had better choose loose elastic sports pants, trousers and 7 minutes of pants.
Suggest another MM people practicing yoga is preparing a large towel.If you think the yoga mat is too thin, can put the towel pad in the yoga mat to increase flexibility.When you flow a lot of sweat, also easy to pick it up and wiped the sweat.

2. Step aerobics
Step aerobics demand for clothes is not very picky.Do step aerobics exercise, jacket is best wear sweat and sweat absorption function better short-sleeved t-shirts or jacket with short sleeves.Bottoms is recommended to wear lycra ingredients sweatpants, the length of the pants is not particularly important, pants is a good choice.Pants fabric must choose a lycra fabric, let your body stretch freely without oppressive feeling.

3. The boxing
Aerobic activity is very big, there are a lot of quick punches and kicks, so the body can be fully stretch can be quickly reached out and back at the same time.Contact boxing advice when wearing a sports Bra on the half of vest, tight or sleeveless T-shirt, so that the activities of the upper arm is better.Bottoms also suggests wear fabric elastic trousers, pants length is in knee above best, so will not bind the leg movements.

4. The spinning
Practice in spinning, fast sleeveless jacket suggestion choice perspiration condole belt unlined upper garment, to facilitate movement at the same time, won't make you enjoy the rhythm is perspiration.While bottoms wear length and around the knee joint, legs narrow, elastic sports pants.Because if the legs are too wide, easy to bike near the foot of parts, bicycle is not beautiful, also easy to hurt.In addition, recommends wearing fingerless gloves, it can be when your sweaty palms, rise to prevent slippery effect, protect you under the fast rhythm of spinning, by hand injuries.At the same time, the gloves to avoid the palm to handle direct contact of the car, won't make your hand of fine fine jade rough because of friction.
Remind everybody, what sports do, choose what kind of workout clothes, so not only make you comfortable, also make your exercise more effective.