Did we have to wear yoga clothes when we do yoga exercise ?

- Oct 26, 2017-

Did we have to wear yoga clothes when we do yoga exercise ?

  1. For beginners, clothing is the most basic equipment, we can often see yoga movements are soft, and amplitude is large, so requires the practice of yoga clothing must not be too tight close-fitting clothing, for the extension of action is not good, we see the yoga clothing is essentially to tighten the loose, coat generally relatively tight spot, but definitely loose trousers, this is in order to facilitate the movement do Coat just can wear out their own temperament, and trousers is given priority to with loose leisure;

  2. Natural comfortable give priority to If have you seen the old photos from Indian yoga person, will see the men (Indian tradition is only a man can do yoga) whole body nearly naked, yes, only lower body wrapped in a cloth that is traditional yoga clothes But such wear very comfortable, not appropriate, isn't it;

  3. So, what do modern people wear better?In terms of my experience, it's still comfortable and natural and natural, and you know that, but what does it mean to be functional;

  4. Because there are a lot of yoga body stretch big action, and action is not only a few Angle, therefore, if wear the cotton fiber quality loose comfortable clothing, is very comfortable ventilation, but sometimes it will because there is no elastic fabric, with one hand tied behind your back In addition, because our actions, there may be a shoulder instant, head upside down position, if too loose clothing, there will be slipping, can actually make abdomen or leg Lou in the outside;

  5. To me, I used to wear the moisture absorption perspiration fabric This kind of material is not pure natural materials, but has an advantage: after the sweat, the sweat does better than cotton and linen, and not as wet clothing stick in the body, may be a long period of time of eczema, more discomfort The moisture absorption perspiration fabric types are many, I suggest that you can compare different quality, a lot more detailed of choice simple sense, the more elastic the best Some of the chemical fiber fabric and very heavy, wear in the body seems to be wrapped in thick nylon cloth, is down the computer;

  6. Protecting belly button is not exposed because of the rapid growth of yoga population, there are more international factories engaged in the production of so-called yoga clothes. Some friends will ask, what is the difference between yoga clothes and regular prosody?In fact, these two kinds of material almost no different, the style is similar, it's hard to tell what is the real yoga clothing However, I think the so-called yoga gear, and suit the biggest difference is: navel try not to come to light;

  7. Many suit to fashionable and beautiful, the pants will be designed into the design of low-rise, regardless of coat is the short form of sports bra tops, long jacket or vest type, can let a bellybutton exposed Such is the vision is very beautiful, but for yoga, but is not very good;

  8. Have you ever seen a tai chi qigong or a traditional yogi, who will be exposed to the belly button?Because we have abdomen tightening force at any time, let the organs within the abdominal cavity and magnetic field continued to operate, if the door of navel so important Lou in the outside blow air conditioning (even natural wind), to pay attention to preserve one's health, is bad So I suggest that everyone, no matter what your coat is longer, or trousers head taller, be sure to put the abdomen covered good oh;

  9. Need not wear too tight in the protection of navel, I found that most of the yoga practitioners have one thing in common, just don't like there are too many ornaments on clothing Clothing is too tight Especially underwear elastic, if too tight, the beam in the body not only don't feel very well, more can affect the breathing diaphragm and pulmonary cavity expansion In addition, if the abdomen decorations such as a ring, will let the bow type of locust type abdominal ground movements, such as doing is hard, isn't it;

  10. Although we wear mostly elastic cloth, but in order to show the curve, the smaller size in pajamas, kaka will make himself This is yoga and swimming suit is not the same place: yoga clothes will not necessarily emphasizes the abundance or fine waist, but pay attention to wear comfort can do actions;

  11. In addition, I know some girls will be on hand to bring some act the role ofing is tasted, let yourself looks more beautiful However, I would recommend to include the ring necklace these ornaments, let oneself more relaxed Less cumbersome easily do yoga, don't be misled by the external accessories learning is distracted by the oh;

  12. As for the length of the trousers, good or good?Do you want a shoulder bag?I think you think it's better to dress well, not so important;

  13. Procurement proposal:

  14. many MM all don't know want to learn yoga yoga clothes where to buy the first, if you choose to be a cheap, it can solve on your own, in general, we used to wear baggy pants, a little stretch can be as a yoga pants, knitting cotton linen can again is to some of the items are the pursuit of leisure fashion brand store to choose, we know that the best yoga clothes, pants are a draw string, best length can adjust freely according to their needs, and this kind of pants can be found in many brands of clothing As for the jacket, generally no special requirements, just for you In addition,:

  15. in some underwear brand shop, we can also see the figure of yoga clothes, such as love lingerie, here you can see the professional yoga clothes Of course, we can go to professional sports shop, in the gym are also equipped with standard yoga clothes to choose from For many people who don't like to go out shopping, search on the Internet you can find many yoga clothing sellers, a keyboard can get what you need