Cycling Jersey fabric functional cycling service fabric classification.

- Jan 09, 2018-

Cycling jersey  fabric functional cycling service fabric classification.

Cycling jerseys fabric features, cycling jerseys material classification, riding clothes are different from other outdoor clothing, whether it's cutting plate, stitching way and permeability and flexibility are unlike any sportswear design So, it is important to correctly choose professional cycling clothing;

At present, there are a lot of people have such misunderstanding, that is the charge must be suitable for riding First of all, it is the charge to the correct garments is powerful a premium brand of the original charge, can fight more than 4 class gale, and keep the good permeability Second, ski-wear, has a good waterproof effect, at least you can find on the market today at 90% change clothes have waterproof function However, it is important to note that the charge usually only suitable for long-distance travel Due to its board design is based on a hike Mountain climbing, so ordinary ski-wear, not suitable for sports cycling sports Especially the mountain bike riding exercise Here, you need to use a more professional, ski-wear, specially designed for cycling;

Cycling Jersey fabric classification:Polyester cycling jersey suits

1. Vaporrize material, similar to the HH famous Lifa materials This kind of material is famous for its unique permeability, quick-drying insulation material with perspiration Suitable for use of the four seasons, belongs to the underclothes Most of the material using polyester fiber, and USES the double different ways of preparation Inside of the material can fast effective elimination of sweat, can make the liquid rapidly through the lining material to outer extensions Then, by the outer layer material through the drafty way to accelerate the drying of clothes, to improve the wearing comfort;

2. Solar UPF, commonly known as the anti-ultraviolet material, will show that the garment has high performance UPF resistance, and 50UPF indicates that this material can effectively resist 50%UPF irradiation.

3. The Therminal and Therminal EX is a fleece insulation lycra material has good heat preservation effect, and provide the first-class ventilation function, at the same time of heat preservation can also keep the body dry have more 3 d stereo clipping plate joining together to design, make the heat preservation material cycling jerseys also have certain can be done, not by any stretch resistance in the process of cycling especially Therminal EX, is on the basis of the former fleece layer, to fight against cold weather usually Therminal can deal with the middle south of the spring and autumn period and the climate;

4. The Element is a soft texture fleece unlined upper garment material, often used in winter mountain bike riding gear Of course, there are some road car equipment is in use, adopt hundred inherently material So has very good heat preservation effect, at the same time with high permeability quick-drying underclothes use can greatly enhance their comfort But overall, material will be in front of the fleece material permeability is relatively lower, but the insulation can provide a better service;

5. Deflect material mainly wind technology A large number of applied to clothing, against the cold wind because of the material density is very big, can be very effective against strong winds, very practical in the off-season, or climb a mountain bike skillfully use Deflect design, jacket sealing is very good, but also has the ability to think of high permeability;