Custom sportswear how to choose sportswear manufacturers?

- May 31, 2017-

1, 20 years of professional custom experience: Stern Sports has been set up 20 years since its inception at the beginning to focus on sportswear custom, sportswear buy, custom clothing and other sportswear suit customization, for many groups to provide group clothing custom services , Determined to produce China's best group sportswear suits, do the best custom clothing manufacturers. Over the years, focus on government agencies, school groups, enterprises and institutions to provide a unified image of the necessary sports clothing and equipment.

2, a strong production capacity: think Teng sports have their own direct factory, located in convenient transportation in Guangzhou, around the convenient transport capacity of the logistics park. Factories not only have advanced production equipment at home and abroad, but also the introduction of advanced production technology, as well as experienced and skilled sportswear production workers, the average length of service in more than 3 years, to ensure product quality and production capacity to ensure the smooth order carry out.