Unique Women Cycling Suits

Product Details

The mesh fabric of the fitness wear

The fabric is with the polyester and the spandex mesh,the top is high strength ,light weight ,high tolerance,low resistance,moiture absorption ,good mesh fabric

3D three dimension cutting type design

The wear effect is good,our professional design team is based on the principle of female ergonomics.The golden ratio is divide and spliced together to show the unique style of women.The 360° more fit to the human curve and refuses to be bloated and burdensome.

The 3D seat cushion

The seat use brushed fabrics,comfortable and does not irritate the skin.The top layer is made of high quality ramen fabric,inner sponge buffer layer,silica get cushion,sponge buffer layer,and bottom layer of fleece fabric

The energy fit wear scam

The model shows as wear

The neck and the hem design

The neckline design,close-fitting small round collar,comfortable and free sense,effectively prevent be wind and sand from entering the neckline during cycling.

The lower hem is reflective ,the reflective strip is afraid to be equipped with the eye catching LOGO,the hem is decorated,the personally is fashionable ,can help the night or the light insufficient time saftey prompt.

The mesh and the pendulum design

Ventilated,the waist sides use the breathable to dry design,the sweat can be dried quickly,protect the body,dry and comfortable.

Anti-slip,the lower pendulum use the silicone anti-slip belt,preventing the movement of the clothes left and right,avoid the awkwardness of the buttock when cycling.

The seat sewing and the pocket design

Rigorous car sewing quality,excellent workmanship is the guarantee of quality three-needle stitching reinforcement ,stronger and durable,the quality can stand the test.

Humanized hind pocket,the back, three big capacity carrier bags,convenient storage of items,from details to ensure the convenient of cycling.

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